Ensuring Great Coverage of the Entire Customer Experience

The state of the insurance industry, in nearly every facet, can be described in two words: complex and changing. How you, as an insurer, handle these complexities and adapt to change will define your future. Take control by delivering exceptional customer service no matter what the customer touch point – sales, claims processing, or underwriting. Provide your customers with multiple options to engage your organization whenever, wherever and however they choose and deliver superior service that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Aspect transforms the customer experience by orchestrating people, processes and touch points with unified interaction management, workforce optimization and back-office solutions, allowing you to adapt and respond to today’s customers with increased efficiency and greater effectiveness than ever before.

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience: Offer customers multi-choice access to traditional and modern communication channels such as voice, email, SMS, chat, social, mobile and web and provide a seamless, consistent experience when they switch channels. As your customers journey through the claim process, from a first notice of loss (FNOL) claim on a mobile app to online claim self-service to live agent claim assistance, all interactions are linked together, providing service continuity and differentiation. Delivering omni-channel customer experiences demonstrates a caring, customer-centric attitude, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Proactive Customer Care: Automatically send out alerts when payments are due or notifications for claim updates with proactive outbound voice, SMS and email options. Once received, enable customers to quickly access their account through web or voice self-service options with the ability for live agent assistance if necessary.
  • Intelligent Routing: Make sure incoming service inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on type of customer (for example, enrollment vs. claim status vs. health issue vs. life event changes)
  • Social Engagement: Go beyond social monitoring and ad-hoc response by offering social customer care. Provide your agents with a way to keep their social interactions in context in an environment that can leverage your knowledge base and community for informed, consistent responses.
  • Security: Address the need to be transparent while also proactively protecting a customer’s privacy and identity. These are paramount to creating a trustworthy image.
  • Workforce Management: Make the best use of staff resources within the contact center by utilizing advanced, integrated systems; be more efficient with scheduling by using innovative forecasting and tracking; and improve productivity with better schedule adherence and seat management
  • Seamless Data Access: Tailor interactions based upon appropriate qualifying underwriting requirements or previous interaction history. Expanding access across the organization through integrated programs makes the knowledge and expertise spread throughout the enterprise available to everyone for better service to all customers, no matter where the interaction originates.
  • Customer Analytics: Capture 100% of customer speech and text interactions to ensure compliance and regulation requirements are met, leverage detailed reporting and track complaints for legal disputes
  • Compliance, Regulations and Privacy: Utilize contact center technology and business processes to ensure rules for compliance, regulations and privacy are followed, mitigating risk and legal exposure
  • Agent Coaching: Monitor calls in real-time for certain pre-defined spoken or omitted phrases that conform to a business rule or regulation so supervisors can intervene as warranted
  • Back Office: Streamline cross-functional processes and workflows to make sure your back office can deliver on what the front office promises, thus improving the customer experience
  • Deployment Options: Choose the selection that keeps sensitive customer information right where you want it, including on-premise or private, dedicated cloud options


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