Develop Completely Portable Applications for Your Contact Centre

Aspect offers a robust set of tools to help developers and business users alike deliver compelling automated communications applications to their customers. Whether you need a traditional IVR application to prequalify a caller before transferring them to an agent in the contact centre, full-fledged self-service voice portals to give customers 24/7 access to critical business data, advanced interactive text response applications or mobile applications that allow customers to conduct business over text channels such as SMS, instant messaging or mobile apps.

All Aspect products and services are built on open standards, offering developers unprecedented portability, flexibility and extensibility when building communication applications. With a company-wide commitment to simplicity, we remove common development, integration and maintenance frustrations; and, we back you up with fast, knowledgeable, around-the-clock tech support.

Developer Resources


Aspect® CXP Pro

Bundle Aspect CXP + Aspect Prophecy for everything you need to develop and deploy powerful self-service solutions. Aspect CXP Pro combines the powerful application lifecycle management tools in Aspect CXP with our industry-leading, carrier-grade Aspect Prophecy IVR and telephony platform for the delivery of your IVR and call control applications. You can deploy on-premises or in any hosted, public or private cloud environment.

Self-service applications developed with Aspect CXP Pro integrate with all Aspect contact center solutions, as well as with third party solutions.



Telecom APIs for CEBP

Telecom APIs are enabling the use of telecom and telephony services such as outbound phone calls, SMS messages or IVR over programmatic interfaces that developers can use to embed automated communication technologies into existing business processes. Using Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), APIs describes this approach of exploiting technology to eliminate latency within workflows to get results faster, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs.


Aspect Via® REST APIs

Access the developer's guide to the Aspect Via REST APIs, which includes sample code and instructions for how to use them.