iEnergizer Adopts Flagship Aspect Unified IP 7.1 - Advanced List Management to Strengthen its Outbound Contact Centre Process and Deliver Highly Differentiated Customer Experience | Aspect

iEnergizer Adopts Flagship Aspect Unified IP 7.1 - Advanced List Management to Strengthen its Outbound Contact Centre Process and Deliver Highly Differentiated Customer Experience


  • Aspect® Unified IP® 7.1 - Advanced List Management to Improve the Sales Productivity, and Increase Customer Contact Satisfaction
  • Strengthens Existing Outbound Set-up by Streamlining the Outbound Contact Process to Massively Increase the Productivity of Outbound Users

Aspect Software, a leading provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions, today announced that i-Energizer, a leading BPO in India , has chosen Aspect Unified IP-Advanced List Management, a comprehensive set of feature-rich enhanced contact list management tool for outbound dialing operations harnessing the power of real-time data capabilities with the power of software.

The Aspect solutions adopted by iEnergizer include Aspect Unified IP 7.1 - Advanced List Management which is currently being deployed at Gurgaon, their corporate HQ. Aspect Unified IP Advanced List Management will give iEnergizer to easily develop, deploy and analyze sophisticated contact strategies across single or multiple dialers to increase contact success rates and optimize sales and/or collections productivity and results.

Guided by real-time business intelligence, Advanced List Management lets contact centre's dynamically build high-yield campaigns using disparate host data sources, your customers' interaction histories and complex business rules. With Advanced List Management, you can build intelligence into your contact lists and centralized campaign strategies. Key capabilities include:

  • Scheduled downloads and uploads
  • Interfaces with one or more host systems
  • Schema processes to define the format of data from each host
  • Host data mapping to customer record fields used within the system to define strategy rules (i.e., a field in the schema)
  • Disposition-based filtering of the data coming from or being uploaded to the host(s)
  • Uploading of specific dispositions to a given host system
  • Call optimization analysis that predicts the best phone number and hour of day to place calls and feeds this information into the calling strategy.

Post-implementation benefits include:

  • Improved sales and/or collections productivity and results
  • Increased contact success rates
  • Quicker and easier access to comprehensive list performance statistics.

As an existing user of Aspect UIP, we are absolutely delighted in terms of what it's meant to transforming and redefining our call centre under a single, unified solution with full breadth of customer contact capabilities. But we weren't satisfied and wanted to do more in order to generate the maximum return from your outbound calling efforts, by increasing our contact success rates and optimizing collections productivity. We turned to the experts and they had the apt solution for us. We are confident of achieving the ROI by leveraging powerful outbound campaign and list management capabilities that bolster collections strategies. - Jayant Goyal, CTO, iEnergizer

Today as the outbound customer contact continues to shrink, the emergence of proactive customer care is the new name for customer service differentiation (CSD). As an international BPO, we provide host of solutions such as debt collections, sales and fulfillment, market research to name a few with focus on staying ahead of the game or changing the game to deliver CSD. Aspect has been a great partner for us and solutions like Advanced List Management form a perfect balance between containing costs and delivering value through a highly differentiated customer experience. - Adarsh Kumar, COO, iEnergizer

One of the greatest benefits for outbound contact centres with Advanced List Management is automation. With the ever increasing need for outbound contact centre to adhere to stricter business rules and simultaneously increase sales and enhance collections results, Advanced List Management has evolved into a highly-desirable real-time business intelligence add-on tool with its innate capability to monitor a wide range of statistics and provide centralized record management functionality at an enterprise level. Now with the Aspect Unified IP Advanced List Management in place, iEnergizer will not only be able to generate maximum return from outbound calling efforts, but also can both reduce dialer load and increase overall ROI for the total outbound program. - Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director India, SAARC and Middle-East, Aspect

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iEnergizer is one of the leading BPO of India. iEnergizer provides high end call centre and back office support to its Fortune 1000 offshore and onshore clients. It specializes in providing customer services, collections, technical support, market intelligence and gaming support.

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