Aspect Natural Language Understanding

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Natural language understanding enhances text self-service

Text channels are already second-nature to customers. Aspect NLU (Natural Language Understanding) makes it possible to deliver automated self-service interactions via customer support chatbots on channels like SMS, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger, with interactive, intuitive dialogues that are conversational and convenient.

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Natural Self-Service Conversations with Chatbots

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Aspect NLU transforms text-based self-service into natural, two-way, powerful interactions. While simple automated interactions guide users through a predefined set of options, NLU complements Aspect’s CXP Pro solution for omni-channel self-service by actually understanding customer intent and providing the ability to answer open-ended questions which is essential to improving success rates for more sophisticated tasks.

Let your customer open an account, book a hotel room, order items, change appointments, and more – all using their own words, rather than being confined by rigid syntax.


NLU and the Customer Experience Ecosystem

NLU reduces the overall cost of customer interaction by improving text-based channels like SMS, Twitter and mobile apps to address a greater variety of interactions with personalised, conversational self-service, whether inbound or outbound.

And when conversations need to be picked up by a live agent, NLU facilitates a seamless handoff. It can even power enhanced dialogues on post-contact surveys that assess customer sentiment.

Check out Aspect's NLU Lab for more information.

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Support for Languages Around the World

The following languages are currently supported by Aspect NLU:

  • Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Spanish

For all other languages (including double-byte), Interactive Text Response applications can be built using a simpler word-spotting or menu-based approach.



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What is NLU (natural language understanding)?

NLU is not science-fiction: it’s the ability of software to extract meaning and intention from everyday, natural conversation. Customers who use voice assistants on their phone or in-home devices every day have come to expect automated services to support natural dialogues.Text-based natural language understanding enables these dialogues for automated conversations over channels like SMS, Twitter or within mobile web apps or native mobile applications.

NLU can be used on an outbound basis to start a dialogue with a customer (for example, to confirm and, if necessary, reschedule an appointment) or on an inbound basis to onboard customers or answer customer questions. Companies are including NLU as a critical component in their overall customer experience solutions, to deliver higher customer satisfaction, issue resolution and overall customer retention – and NLU is significantly less expensive per inquiry than agent interactions.