How a Cloud Contact Centre Keeps Pace with Changing Customer Demands

It’s indisputable: customer demands, preferences and behaviours are changing. Those companies that fail to keep up with the rapidly changing customer—or neglect to embrace technology ecosystems that meet customer demands—are likely to experience churn. In fact, 51 percent of U.S. consumers take their business elsewhere because of negative customer service experiences, according to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Survey. As a result, companies must consistently deliver remarkable customer experiences—and cloud contact centres are critical to keeping up with consumers’ ever-escalating expectations, as well as companies’ evolving business needs.

But before we get into the importance of cloud contact centre solutions for keeping a strong pace, let’s take a step back and understand why consumer demands have so drastically changed over time. For starters, today’s consumers are now empowered with limitless ways in which they can interact with their favourite brands; some of these vehicles include social media, SMS, click-to-chat, screen sharing, virtual agents and more. Along with more ways for customers to interact with companies, service expectations have gone through the roof; however, contact centre efforts all too often still come up short. Missing this mark has proven to be extremely costly; research shows that dealing with customer service issues costs businesses approximately $130 billion every year, according to aggregated research from ClickSoftware. In other words, customer service inadequacies are devastating for both customers and companies.

So, how can cloud contact centre technologies help your organisation stay on top of this customer revolution?

Ease Omnichannel Integration

Voice may still reign in the contact centre but, today, consumers are using an entire new set of channels that were practically non-existent only a few years ago, according to recent research from Forrester. To stay competitive, top-performing businesses are making a seamless omnichannel experience the centerpiece of their customer service strategies, allowing consumers to interact with their brand through the channel of their choosing.

It’s critical that organisations integrate omnichannel customer service into their current offerings to stay on top of their customer experience game—something that can be more easily facilitated by cloud contact centre solutions. That’s because cloud technology makes it less complex and more affordable to access new channels. Even more, you’ll be able to implement flexible cloud solutions without expending significant upfront capital or additional IT costs, and you evade any integration headaches.

Seamlessly Aggregate Customer Data

All of that interaction across more channels yields pertinent customer preference, behaviour and usage data that can help your organisation deliver more impactful service. For example, how do customers behave across different channels, and what are their favourite channels of use? A cloud contact centre solution can easily aggregate customer data and previous call histories so that you can start to understand customer preferences at each and every stage of the buying journey. Armed with information about their demographics, purchasing behaviours and previous queries, for example, companies will be able to more effectively route inquiries, personalise service and remedy problems within one interaction, lowering your first contact resolution (FCR) rate.

Of course, a key advantage of cloud contact centre deployment is the ability to adopt new functionality quickly, affordably and, as it becomes available, to stay at the forefront of customer demands.

The competition is intensifying. How do you think companies should keep up with the rapidly changing customer? Talk to an Aspect expert today to see how we can help.