Easily Design and Maintain IVR and Digital Self-Service Applications

Many IVR solutions are so dependent on vendors for upkeep that even a simple prompt change requires lengthy and expensive efforts. Aspect CXP empowers your business to take greater control of your customers' IVR experience. We've made it easy to implement and maintain personalised IVR systems that will have a positive impact on first-contact resolution rates—freeing up your contact centre agents to address more complex problems.

Aspect CXP comes with a full set of tools and components, including:

  • CX Designer: An easy-to-use, web-based interface lets users design, implement and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communication channels including IVR, chatbots, mobile web, and more. With its “simple” and “advanced” mode settings, it caters both to occasional users and to power users
  • CX Business UI: Empowers non-technical users to make operational modifications such as prompt uploads, menu changes, and more, with our user-friendly, web-based interface
  • CX Server: Runtime Java Application Server supporting enterprise-grade resilience and operations control
  • CX Continuity Server: CXP’s solution for orchestrating the customer journey across multiple channels and touchpoints
  • CXP Commander: System administration made easy. Deploy new service versions anytime, not affecting ongoing traffic
  • CXP Analyzer: Enterprise Business Intelligence with more than 50 pre-built reports for application developers, administrators, and business users



A Full Suite of Tools

Aspect CXP delivers all the tools you need to design, develop, document, test, deploy, report on and analyse your self-service applications. Applications developed with Aspect CXP are 100% portable and integrate with all Aspect and third-party contact centre solutions and IVR platforms.

Use Aspect CXP together with Aspect® Prophecy, our industry-leading, carrier-grade IVR and telephony platform—or choose to keep using your existing VoiceXML-based IVR platform, leveraging Aspect CXP as the overlaying application server that powers best-in-class, personalised, speech-enabled IVR applications.




Mobile Web Development Framework

Leverage the built-in capabilities of smart devices to enable convenient self-service, not just through mobile web and native apps, but also using the integration of voice, text (SMS), social channels like Twitter and over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.


CXP Pro Package

The Perfect Combination: Aspect CXP + Aspect Prophecy = Aspect® CXP Pro

Our Aspect CXP Pro package combines Aspect CXP, our powerful application lifecycle management platform, with our enterprise-class IVR platform, Aspect Prophecy, for the delivery of your IVR and call control applications. You can deploy on-premises or in a public, private or hosted cloud environment.