What is a Predictive Dialer?


Predictive dialers make an outbound contact center more efficient by automating the process of placing outbound calls. The dialer algorithmically predicts when agents will be available and how long it takes calls to be answered, and adjusts the dialing rate. Agents get more live connections, increasing productivity. Detection for answering machines, busy signals, fax machines and disconnected lines is all taken care of before calls reach agents.

Applications for predictive outbound dialers vary widely – the dialer can be used to support multiple concurrent outbound sales and marketing campaigns, to support a blended contact center by enabling idle inbound agents to be temporarily allocated to outbound initiatives or to deliver proactive and personalized outbound calls for customer support.

Other, similar dialer technologies include preview dialing, which allows agents to review records before the call is placed, and automatic (IVR) dialing, which connects answered call attempts to a predefined message, ideal for delivering information like alerts, reminders and outage notifications.

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