What is IVR vs XML?


The following table summarizes the advantages of Voxeo’s XML and IP based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms and solutions in comparison to older proprietary IVR platforms and applications:

Proprietary IVR

  • Proprietary line cards
  • Proprietary servers
  • Proprietary system
  • Inflexible circuit-based media bus
  • Inflexible hardware IVR platform
  • Failed API standards
  • No standard call control language
  • No standards IVR language
  • Mostly DTMF
  • Voice recognition glued on
  • Restricted integration capabilities
  • Costly to upgrade
  • Requires extensive training
  • Large up-front hardware cost
  • Aging systems, growing TCO
  • No synergy with strategic web plans
  • No future path towards IP PBX
  • No future path towards IP Call Center


  • Standards based VoIP gateways
  • Standard Dell Servers
  • Standard Windows & Linux systems
  • Flexible IP based media streams
  • Flexible software XML platform
  • Successful SIP standard
  • W3C CCXML standard
  • W3C VoiceXML standard
  • Focused on the human voice
  • Engineered for voice recognition
  • Web powered integration versatility
  • Inexpensive to upgrade
  • Leverages existing knowledge
  • Available as pay-as-you go service
  • Modern system, declining TCO
  • Totally compatible with web strategies
  • Built with same technology as IP PBX
  • Works hand-in-hand with IP Call Center

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