What is an IVR Prompt Recording?


Many factors contribute to the choice of voice talent for IVR prompt recording, including customer demographics, corporate image and geographic factors. Aspect and our voice prompt partner GM Voices can deliver your voice prompts on time, on budget, and in any language with top-notch, native voice talent.

GM Voices IVR Prompt Recording

GM Voices’ voiceover talent will deliver IVR prompt recordings in line with your brand image, on time and on budget:

  • Any sound or style for any brand image: GM Voices offers female and male voice actors that fit any corporate image. Young or mature, casual or professional, browse a comprehensive voice talent library to find the sound best suited for your brand.
  • Weekly recording sessions: Many preferred IVR voices record weekly, making it super easy to plan your production process for ongoing updates.
  • “Spotlight” voice actors: Every quarter, GM Voices showcases several up-and-coming, fresh voices. These voice actors are being groomed for weekly sessions, are eager to perform for you, and are offered at the most aggressive rates.
  • Fast turnaround: Most orders are delivered one or two days following the recording session and are always edited and delivered in a high-quality, ready-to-load file format.
  • One point of administration: No voice provider is as well equipped to showcase your Voxeo solution like GM Voices. A refined business process, from account management to order entry, recording, editing and delivery, keeps your caller experience sounding world class for the life of your application.

Aspect and GMVoices

Contact us and we will connect you with an account rep at GMVoices to discuss your Aspect voice prompt needs. GM Voices will help you make the right choice for your project and budget, and will provide helpful resources for enhancing your Aspect voice experience, like voice samples, scripting templates, best practice guides and international language primers, all with fast, friendly, professional service.

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