What are Assured IVR Solutions?


After deploying an IVR solution, IT managers, service leaders, and engineers alike often struggle to address three post-deployment IVR issues:

  • How can I tell if my IVR application or platform will scale to handle hundreds of concurrent callers?
  • How can I receive an independent analysis of my IVR solution’s usability?
  • How can I be proactively notified if my customers are experiencing dropped or mishandled calls throughout the day?

Aspect’s Assured IVR solutions offer comprehensive, cost effective answers to all of the above. Designed to work with any IVR platform – including Avaya, Dialogic, IBM, Intervoice, Nortel, and Voxeo – Assured IVR solutions help you deliver top-notch IVR scalability, usability, and reliability.

How Can Assured IVR Solutions Help You?

Aspect’s Assured IVR family offers three IVR quality testing and analysis solutions:

  • Assured IVR VUI Analysis: gives you a top-down review and report on your IVR applications call flow and usability, including often and infrequently used call paths. Assured IVR VUI Analysis also includes a two-hour best practices review to help you optimize IVR usability today and tomorrow.
  • Assured IVR Monitoring: provides on-going, round-the-clock testing and monitoring of any IVR application. If your IVR platform or application drops a call, experiences unusual delays, or fails to respond properly, our advanced notification system will send you an automated message via email, phone call, or instant message with detailed information about the problem. In short, you’ll know instantly and proactively if your IVR solutions are experiencing any IVR reliability issues. Like our Assured IVR Load Testing, this solution is completely service-based and can monitor any IVR solution by calling your toll-free or local IVR phone numbers.
  • Assured IVR Suite: Combines IVR Load Testing, IVR VUI Analysis, and IVR Monitoring into a single, cost-effective package.

Assured IVR Solutions and Aspect

Aspect can deliver blocks of concurrent load-test calls, analysis of load test results, best practices for load and performance, IVR user interface usability analysis and best practice suggestions, and IVR reliability monitoring including instant notifications via phone, email, and instant message.

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