Our Mission

A lot has changed over our 45-year history, but our core mission has remained the same: Help companies create better experiences for their customers and the employees who serve them. We're committed to putting our customers first in everything we do.


An A-Ha Moment

Despite recent advancements and drastic shifts in consumer behavior, many companies continue to use a complicated mash up of inflexible technologies to engage their customers. We all know these companies: They’re hard to get in touch with, they ask us to repeat information, their agents can’t answer our questions and they don’t communicate on the channels we prefer to use. Their service is mediocre at best. Why aren’t they evolving? Don’t they care?

This led to our a-ha moment. Companies do care. They care a lot. But the solution to their problems has historically been too hard, too costly and too disruptive to justify change. We embarked on a company-wide quest to fix that.

Aspect Solutions: The Big Picture

Ensure great consumer satisfaction and higher productivity levels by considering the bigger customer engagement picture – from self-service to agent-assisted, from the contact center to the larger enterprise, on-premise to cloud. Once all those component pieces fall into place, so will higher profits, reduced operating costs and overall market success.


Awards and Accolades

We consider the greatest measure of success to be our customers' loyalty and the results our products help them achieve. But we appreciate the recognition of industry leaders as well! Over the years Aspect has been the recipient of a wide range of honors and awards for our solutions.



A History of Innovation and Invention

Aspect’s unique ability to solve tough problems is based on a long history and experience with thousands of clients. We built the first ACD in 1973, the first workforce management solution in 1980 and the first dialer in 1981. We take pride in continuing to develop products built on principles of stability, accessibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your enterprise.