Aspect CXP Developer for Self-Service Applications

A feature-rich service creation environment to design, build, deploy and manage self service applications.

CXP Developer Edition provides a feature-rich service creation environment to design, build, deploy and manage self service applications on multiple channels: interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, social channels, smartphone applications and mobile web. Customers have utilized our carrier-grade CXP platform to build applications ranging from single-channel inbound solutions to large, multi-channel, multi-tenant implementations.

CXP’s toolkit addresses the full application life cycle and creates completely portable applications, which operate seamlessly in conjunction with Aspect’s contact center interaction management platforms or your third-party contact center solution. CXP includes a graphical, Eclipse‑based integrated development environment that enables our “design once, deploy anywhere” application architecture – with object-oriented development, including tools for call flow and GUI/VUI design, media management, testing and simulation, CXP makes it simple to reuse the “building blocks” of one application to redeploy that application for another channel or business unit. Ease of development is further increased with functionality including team collaboration, built‑in best practices, on‑the‑fly prompt changes, and the ability to automatically generate and update documentation. Complicated QA procedures such as testing for screen resolution compatibility are simplified with our mobile device simulator.

The rich analytics capabilities in CXP support business users and developers alike, with out-of-the-box integration with existing business intelligence systems provides sophisticated reporting for the entire organization on customer behaviors, task completion and much more. Specifically for developers, our CXP Hotspot Analytics enable application changes based on production data - uniquely highlighting data and Key Performance Indicators within the application dialog flow, so you can quickly spot potential areas for improvement and take immediate action to optimize self-service.

Additionally, utilizing the CXP Business User Interface (BUI), select business users can be empowered to make basic configuration changes like operating hours and IVR prompt ordering – freeing up development hours for more complex tasks.

You can get started with CXP for free – via our Evolution portal, it’s easy to sign up for a free trial of our platform so you can build and test applications. When you’re ready to launch your applications, we provide flexible deployment options on-premises or in our global cloud.