Aspect CXP Designer

Self-Service Application Development, Easier Than Ever Before

Aspect CXP Pro has always delivered a robust suite of application lifecycle management tools, including a graphical user interface for application development. Now, Aspect CXP Designer makes it even easier to build interactive voice response (IVR) and interactive text response (ITR) applications with a web-based, drag-and-drop interface.

CXP Designer enables non-technical users to build and edit powerful IVR and ITR applications directly from a Web browser, with no development suite to install or programming knowledge required.

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Simplify Design and Deployment

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CXP Designer makes it easy to visualize dynamic and personalized call flows, handle events, and tune applications. User interaction points are highlighted and adding and rearranging flow points is simplified. Capture typical customer data like phone numbers, dates, times, currencies and Booleans with no VXML knowledge needed.

CXP Designer also simplifies the process of seamlessly deploying applications into the Aspect Cloud.



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