Aspect® Zipwire™ API

Streamline your customer's journey with one-click routing to a live agent via voice, text or video.

Many customers prefer to use self-service, and will first visit your mobile app or Web site to seek resolution. At some point during the self-service process, however, they may want or need assistance from a live agent – for example, to resolve a non-standard issue or to take advantage of a special upgrade offer you’ve presented. The Zipwire API facilitates one-click routing to a live agent via voice, text or video, streamlining the customer’s journey toward issue resolution.

Based on the context of the customer’s interaction and the desired channel for the dialogue, Zipwire API will appropriately route the customer to the correct agent. The agent is brought up to speed on the customer’s query via a screen pop with relevant information. Then, customers and agents can share photos, links and documents that supplement the conversation and provide additional context, or engage in video chat for real-time, “face-to-face” help. By combining the right agent, the right context and the right information, the likelihood of first-contact resolution is increased, as well as overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Augmented chat diagram

The Zipwire API makes it easy to integrate advanced functionality without requiring a significant redesign of your existing app or Web site and leverage means of communication that are already second nature to your customers, like the camera on their smartphone or tablet. Post-interaction, it also makes it easy to track progress toward important customer satisfaction and first-contact resolution goals by measuring the quality of your customer experience with post-call surveys and interactive reporting.

The end result is a customer experience that’s more engaging and more effective than a one-dimensional discussion – the kind of experience your customers deserve.

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