How Can a Workforce Management Solution Reduce Your Personnel Costs?

Your employees are the most valuable asset available in your organization. More than any product or service that you sell, your employees are the engine responsible for building relationships, providing support and solving the challenges that your business faces on a daily basis. But your employees also represent one of the most significant line items on your budget. In order to optimize the impact of your personnel, you’ve got to take measures to reduce the costs associated with staffing without sacrificing productivity.

By integrating call center workforce management software, your business can achieve significant cost savings affiliated with personnel while simultaneously providing them with the resources to increase productivity at the same time.

Here are three ways that workforce management solutions can bolster your bottom line.

Managing staffing levels

Having low overhead sounds good until you don’t have enough employees to get the work done. Conversely, your workers will achieve their daily responsibilities if you’re overstaffed, but your costs will rise and you’ll end up with agents looking for something to do.

Workforce management solutions can make it easier for agents to manage their own sick days, vacation time and work as a team to fill out a weekly schedule. Increasing the convenience of scheduling can ensure that the appropriate number of agents can be scheduled to meet the company’s needs without overspending.

Support low-cost remote roles

Workforce management software can provide remote agents the same experience as on-premise resources when handling customer inquiries. How will that help reduce your personnel costs?

Simply put, staffing on-premise resources will create added expenses that won’t be incurred by remote agents. From adding square footage to the contact center, to increasing costly hardware, on-premise personnel come with additional expenses. Providing agents with workforce management software will enable you to increase your contingency of remote agents without sacrificing the quality of your contact center.

Decrease on-boarding and training costs

Whenever you hire a new agent, you’re making an investment in that individual. From the costs of interviewing, on-boarding and training, contact center leaders end up spending a significant portion of their budgets getting new hires up to speed. Workforce management software can streamline the on-boarding and training process by providing agents with real-time data and metric analysis so that managers can automate coaching features to empower agents to support their own improvement.

Putting this power into the hands of each agent can help them to remain engaged and improve morale throughout the contact center. Engaged workers in a positive environment are less likely to leave the organization, which in turn can help contact centers reduce their churn rate and the high cost of turnover.

No business leader wants to think of their employees as just another number on a spreadsheet. At the same time, however, a failure to acknowledge the potential for frivolous overhead would be unwise. Incorporate workforce management software and other workforce optimization solutions into your contact center to strike the perfect balance between your expenses and your assets.

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