Top Workforce Management Innovations

Workforce management is not a new concept. Business leaders have always sought ways to encourage a more highly-engaged staff, prepare for changes in workflow and put the right people in the right places at the right time to make sure the job gets done well.

But in recent years, many new developments have been brought into the workforce management arena. The growing importance of the contact center, coupled with advances in automation and artificial intelligence, now provide business leaders with the opportunity to introduce a variety of innovative workforce management features into their contact centers.

Below are just a few of the latest innovations to make their way into call center workforce management software. In order to use these innovations to establish a competitive edge, contact center leaders should make it a priority to procure a workforce management solution that will offer the following benefits.


In their formative years, chatbots have been developed largely for customer use. Retailers have leveraged chatbots to great success via social media messaging applications to offer customers with basic service inquiries. But chatbots can now be incorporated into cutting edge workforce management software to empower contact center personnel to complete a number of tasks autonomously, from weekly scheduling to vacation planning.

Forecasting Capabilities

In today’s world, it takes mere moments for information to travel the world. As such, your contact center must be prepared for rapid scalability at a moment’s notice. Today’s most innovative WFM software includes forecasting features that help contact center leaders to make accurate and immediate decisions about staffing levels. This will help your organization ensure a quality customer experience consistently, regardless of the circumstances.


Your customers and your personnel are not all that different. Your customers expect a personalized experience with your contact center. Likewise, your agents can also benefit from more personalized software. The leading workforce management software available today is ideal for personalizing the experience of your personnel. Select an innovative WFM solution with convenient employee scheduling preferences, autonomous agent training and coaching. This will ensure your personnel remain engaged, enthusiastic and can get the job done on their own terms.

Increased Mobility

While mobility itself is not a new theme by any means, it continues to grow in significance. The most innovative WFM solutions in 2017 are not intended to simply be functional for mobile employees—it is designed to increase mobility and provide the same experience for remote workers as it would for on-site personnel. Your WFM solution should follow industry standard design best practices. That means your interface should be intuitive, responsive, offer a variety of self-service features and, ideally, be accompanied by a dedicated mobile application.

The future promises to bring many changes to the nature of workforce management. That means your business will have many opportunities to best your competition, as long as you stay current on the latest and most innovative contact center solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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