The Traditionalist

Traditionalist companies are eager to please and truly appreciate their customers, always trying to put them first. Traditionalists empower representatives in order to make customers happy. To deliver on objectives, The Traditionalist strives to build lasting relationships with customers and supports them through consultative channels, rejecting the idea that customers should use self-service tools before reaching out to the company. No surprise then that this segment has yet to embrace technology, putting themselves at risk for acquiring and keeping millennial customers and customers who are more and more preferring to use self-service applications to solve issues.

To rise above the rest, the Traditionalist could benefit from:

Aspect's Zipwire cloud contact center solution, which seamlessly integrates with CRM systems so the Traditionalist will have context when engaging with customers, making them feel like the company really knows them.

This flexible, scalable solution would enable the Traditionalist to leverage new and easy-to-deploy technologies like WebRTC as the video capabilities would create a more personal interaction, a hallmark of the Traditionalist persona.