The Stickler

The Stickler is very formalized with a strong desire for creating and following customer service rules and procedures. It’s no surprise that representatives in this organization have less autonomy or flexibility to provide solutions and as a result, are less respected than in other personas. The Stickler’s approach does though allow for accurate, decisive solutions with clear protocols for managing customer issues. While providing customer service and retaining customers is a priority for the Stickler, appreciating customers, exceeding their expectations, and putting them first aren’t. Leadership is less intensely involved, perhaps given the more formulaic and ‘auotpilot’ approach.

To engage his neglected agents the Stickler could benefit from:

Aspect® Workforce Optimization (WFO) to get higher productivity and efficiency out of his agents. Aspect WFO can enable the Stickler to reduce the cost per customer interaction and improve his customers’ experiences.

Plus Aspect’s WFO solution is fully integrated with Aspect Active Assignment which can identify agent idle time between customer interactions and introduce assigned activities, including training, into an agent’s intraday schedule. The result is a workforce with increased productivity, performance and profitability which ensures that the very best staffing and task management decisions are being made in real-time resulting in a more productive performance, while creating an excellent customer experience and high employee morale.