The Selfie

The Selfie suffers from an amplified sense of self, and thinks he is doing everything right, from prioritizing customer service to involving leadership. He holds his performance in high regard but admits his views of his own performance are likely inflated. Probably why 95% of this segment believe that their company is doing a better job than customers would say they are doing. Customer happiness and appreciation are less of a priority, and they substitute technology for consultative offerings while questioning the value of customer service representatives. In spite of his adoption of new technology, measurement metrics haven't changed and are unlikely to change any time soon. But again, the Selfie views himself without a peer, and therefore, considers existing measurement as good enough to create an ‘accurate’ assessment.

To get a reality check, The Selfie might want to start with:

Aspect® Survey to find out what his customers think needs improvement.

Then he might want to take a look at the Aspect® Mobility Suite to find new and better ways to deliver self-service such as mobile apps that fully integrate with the larger customer experience and address the consumer preference shifts to mobile and more integrated self-service applications. Add in proactive notifications and he’ll increase customer satisfaction which just might lead to more highly valued service agents.