The Honcho

Leadership is involved in just about everything in the Honcho's approach to customer service ranging from executive involvement in customer service strategy, implementation, performance and measurement. And he places a high value on the customer service staff, giving them the resources and tools needed to deliver a superior customer experience. Technology however, is a different story. Even though the Honcho says he values the use of technology in customer service, companies in this segment are the least likely to use it to engage with their customers. The Honcho is also the least likely to use emerging digital channels like mobile and social to engage customers.

To understand what’s really going on, The Honcho could benefit from:

Aspect Customer Experience Analytics in order to provide his organization with the ability to understand the dynamics, quality and outcomes of every interaction, across every channel.

And to make sure he’s as good as he thinks he is, the Honcho could use Aspect® Performance Management, to synthesize customer data across the contact center and the enterprise to deliver reports and dashboards that ensure alignment of contact center activities with operational and strategic goals.