The Casualist

The Casualist takes everything in stride in his way-too-laid-back approach to customer service. There is no leadership in Casualist style companies; no metrics and little innovative technology either which is probably why they see their customer service performance worsening. There is also little respect for the work being done by those who work in customer service, and the Casualist has not really embraced technology. This lack of executive leadership, or really any leadership in the Casualist organization prevents the vital alignment of customer service promises with corporate strategy and customer service performance metrics that accurately capture customers’ sentiments that are integral to corporate performance.

To get on track, the Casualist could benefit from:

Aspect's Professional Services to help take his flailing customer experience to the next level by turning existing applications and needed technology investment into powerful enterprise solutions that ensure the business seamlessly aligns people, processes and data sources.

The Casualist could also greatly benefit from Aspect's Performance Improvement Services, a collaborative group of senior leaders and experts who combine innovative technology with insightful strategy.