Developer Tools and Platforms

All Aspect products and services are built on open standards, offering developers unprecedented portability, flexibility and extensibility when building communication applications. With a company-wide commitment to simplicity, we remove common development, integration and maintenance frustrations. Aspect offerings are backed by super-fast, knowledgeable, around-the-clock tech support.

Self-Service Development Tools

With our drag-and-drop tools, developers get all the features and functionalities they need to build, deploy, manage, report and analyze automated communications applications.

Aspect CXP Designer

Create IVR and ITR applications with an easy-to-use, web-based interface..


Aspect CXP Business User Interface (BUI)

Empower non-technical users to make basic UI and operational changes with our friendly web-based interface.

IVR Developer Portal (Evolution)

Aspect’s cloud customer and developer portal for all things self-service.


Mobile Developer Framework

Easily build applications that leverage the capabilities of consumers’ mobile devices.

Service Provider Platforms

Advanced application lifecycle management tools and a standards-based development environment offering native SIP support simplifies management and reduces overall costs.

VoiceXML IVR Platform (Prophecy)

Ideal for use by service providers, Aspect Prophecy VoiceXML IVR platform provides a robust environment for multi-tenant IVR applications.


SIP Application Server

Intelligently screen, route, transfer and initiate traditional and SIP calls.


Telecom APIs for CEBP

API’s to automate background processes and notifications to improve internal productivity.

Aspect Via REST APIs

Access the developer's guide to the Aspect Via REST APIs, which includes sample code and instructions for how to use them.


“We expanded our existing customer interface options with IVR/Customer Self-Service. It opened our ability to move work back in house with outbound debt collection.” said Mike Smith, AVP - Finance, Illinois Casualty Insurance.