How To Prevent Call Center Agents Fatigue using Workforce Management Solutions

In fulfilling their typical daily responsibilities, it can be all too easy for call center agents to become fatigued. They must transition quickly from customer to customer without letting down their friendly disposition, be prepared to work atypical schedules to meet changing demand and leverage technology deftly to provide seamless service.

If contact center leaders fail to provide a working environment that eases agent fatigue, a number of serious problems may arise. Some agents, unable to keep up, may leave their positions. Turnover is one of the biggest challenges faced by contact centers today. Not only can turnover disrupt the even flow and distribution of work, but it can also be incredibly costly to find, rehire and train new agents. Fatigued agents may also struggle to keep up their productivity and quality of customer interactions. This can impair or destroy customer relationships and leave a lasting stain on your brand.

Call center workforce management solutions can alleviate many of the leading causes of agent fatigue. Here are three examples:

1. Improved Work-Life Balance

Workforce management software enables agents to increase their mobility, giving remote workers access to the same tools as on-site personnel. Giving agents the ability to perform their responsibilities in a manner that increases work-life balance can greatly reduce fatigue.

2. Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling

Contact centers must scale rapidly for a variety of reasons throughout the year. If contact center leaders aren’t prepared for surges in customer inquiries, agents may end up taking on too much work or too many shifts themselves. Workforce management software provides contact center leaders with accurate forecasting for call volume, providing the insight necessary to make appropriate staffing decisions.

Intuitive Interfaces Lead to Simpler Resolutions

87 percent of contact center managers say agents would be more satisfied if they could use software that had the look and feel of the consumer technologies they use outside of work. Aspect’s workforce management applications utilize a simplified, intuitive interface created using the best UI practices of companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

In order to provide superior customer service, contact center leaders must ensure that their agents are engaged and energized. Fortunately, there are many contact center solutions available today that can help you get the most out of your employees. Contact us to learn more.