Major Considerations When Reviewing Workforce Management Software

If your company is preparing to invest in workforce management software for your contact center, it isn’t enough to simply assess the software itself. Selecting the right solution for your contact center is just as much about your contact center itself as it is about the software in question. You must take time to conduct a self-assessment before completing the review process.

The following five questions present major considerations for which you should have an answer before deciding on a workforce management solution.

Are you ready from a network infrastructure perspective?

Many contact centers still use outdated legacy telecommunications infrastructure. But the most innovative contact center solutions on the market today are built for the cloud. Before investing in WFM software, be sure your organization has the backbone that will allow the software to reach its full potential.

Do you have documented initiatives or benchmarks for training contact center personnel?

Call center workforce management software is built to encourage continuous and autonomous on-the-job training. But without direction, the skills that your contact center personnel are learning may not be used to their fullest potential. Be sure to map out organizational initiatives and benchmarks to provide constant motivation for your staff while making sure your employees continue to exceed expectations.

Does your organization value mobility?

The importance of mobility has been touted for years as a critical element for an organization’s success in the modern economy. Workforce management software is designed to empower contact center personnel to work remotely and cultivate a stronger work-life balance. Mobility can reduce overhead and boost morale, but the fact remains that every business has different needs and values. If your organization does not value mobility, you’ll be missing one of the greatest features of workforce management software. Are there ways that your company can adapt to encourage greater mobility?

Will call center staffing levels allow for on-demand scalability?

Workforce management software allows agents to manage their schedules autonomously, while simultaneously providing managers with accurate forecasting tools that analyze historical trends and help managers understand the impact of staff, budget and demand variations. In theory, these features will give your contact center the data necessary to make staffing decisions that are always scaled to demand. But scalability means something different to a SMB than it does to a global enterprise. Take time to consider how your existing personnel can best be utilized, instead of blindly pushing them past their ability based on the analysis of your new WFM solution.

How can a WFM solution augment your omnichannel experience?

Leading WFM solutions won’t simply provide you a general forecast of customer inquiries. The best software today offers channel-specific forecasts. You’ll be able to place the best available agents for voice, multi-session chat, email, social media and other channels. In order to take full advantage of your workforce management software, take time to update your omnichannel strategy for an end-to-end, convenient and unified experience.

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