Aspect Mila: The Agent’s Personal Assistant

The job of the contact center agent is difficult enough. Younger agents lament having to use software tools with interfaces that look like they pre-date the iPhone. And the debut of voice-based personal assistants like Siri and Cortana makes the gap between current contact center software and “what's possible now” seem even wider.

Enter Aspect® Mila, the latest in the long line of Aspect products designed to make work life easier and keep employees engaged. Aspect Mila lets agents use conversational SMS, desktop chat, other text channels or IVR to remotely accomplish the most common workforce optimization tasks, helping them stay connected to the contact center in the most intuitive, natural way possible.

The Aspect Mila personal assistant features:

  • Interactive self-service natural language text communication, so agents can ask questions like:
    • Can I take tomorrow off?
    • What does my schedule look like on Wednesday?
    • How many hours of PTO do I have remaining?
  • Elegant integration of the best of Aspect’s intelligent self-service and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities that create an intuitive and conversational gateway to other Aspect solutions
  • Integration with WFO components such as workforce management, performance management and others to make interactive conversations possible
  • Automated WFM scheduling rules that permit Aspect Mila to approve scheduling requests in real-time
  • Delivery of reminders to employees and triggering of automated tasks to keep operations running smoothly
Aspect Mia Agent Sick
Aspect Mia Agent/Supervisor

With Aspect Mila, you can…

  • Use conversational English for self-serve of the most common agent workforce tasks such as:
    • Viewing current schedule
    • Requesting schedule changes
    • Seeing pending schedule change requests
    • Determining available vacation time
    • Viewing bulletin board messages
    • and many others!
  • Access the contact center from any mobile device, so employees always have access to self-service tasks
  • Improve employee morale and retention rates by empowering agents to easily manage their schedules and receive feedback in the channel of their choice anytime, anywhere
  • Give supervisors access to important contact center statistics such as number of agents out of adherence, current call volumes, average handle time, service level, etc. - so they'll know how their center is operating, even when on the road

Aspect Mila

Aspect Mia

"Agents rely on a complex set of tools to serve customers, and when those tools fail them, customer frustration rises. When the tools actually assist agents in their tasks, the tools improve the workplace.”

– Ian Jacobs, Forrester


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What is a Virtual Workforce Scheduling Assistant?

Virtual assistants are commonly used to help us find information and take actions like getting directions. After we interact with it via voice or text, the virtual assistant connects to a database and uses our input to get the needed information. This same concept can be applied to workforce scheduling. With a virtual workforce scheduling assistant, it’s possible for contact center agents to take control of their schedule via commonly used voice and text channels like IVR, SMS and even social media (e.g., direct messaging on Twitter).

A robust virtual workforce scheduling assistant can not only empower contact center agents by fielding their requests for schedule information or time off in natural language, but also gives supervisors valuable information on important contact center statistics like average call handling time and service levels, so they can better manage their contact center wherever they are. By leveraging workforce optimization components like workforce management and performance management, these assistants can manage not just scheduling but also provide powerful tools for optimizing contact center performance.