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Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience with Toll-free SMS.

Integrating text doesn’t have to be a challenge for the modern contact center. SMS-enabled toll free numbers (TFNs) make it easy to deliver two-way text interactions for automated self-service or live assistance – leveraging your existing toll free number.

Customers enjoy all the benefits of interactive text response (ITR) interactions on the same number they’d ordinarily use to contact your business.

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Toll-Free SMS Turns Notifications into Conversations

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In addition to providing service for inbound SMS inquiries, toll-free SMS is particularly advantageous for supporting robust dialogues started by outbound notifications. A static, “do not reply” outbound SMS makes it difficult for the customer to respond, especially when it’s sent from a short code that can’t be called back.

Sending an outbound SMS notification from a customer service toll-free number streamlines the response process for customers. Their reply via SMS can be handled by self-service or a live agent. And if they prefer to respond via voice, they can easily call back the number from which the notification was delivered and be routed properly through the contact center.

Toll-Free SMS Advantages Over Short Codes

It’s fast and easy to get started with toll-free SMS – much more so than short codes, which can be difficult and time-consuming to acquire, and costly to deliver service.

SMS-enabled toll-free numbers can often be turned around in a matter of days, with messages delivered at a cost similar to messaging over normal phone numbers (DIDs).

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What is Toll-Free SMS?

Traditionally, when companies have looked at ways to provide SMS service, they obtain short-codes, and often implement only simple, one-way notifications. However, toll-free numbers in the US and Canada can support text messages just like local, DID numbers, and can enable two-way customer service dialogues.

The same toll-free number can be used to support both voice and SMS, which is ideal for customer service applications. For example, if a customer has saved a company’s number in their phone, they can either voice or text – whichever they prefer. And if a company delivers an outbound SMS notification from their toll-free number, like an appointment reminder, it gives the customer a convenient avenue to either text or call back.

In addition to interactive text response for self-service, toll-free SMS interactions can be routed into the contact center just like other inquiries, and handled by agents trained in text conversations.