Remind and Notify

We wanted to remove this element of customer effort, and drastically reduce the volume of inbound calls, particularly during peak hours. The aim was to integrate a new system with our existing operations, which would allow us to proactively contact customers, and provide them with the information they needed before they realised that there was a supply issue. To achieve this, we had to understand who was being affected and then be able to provide tailored proactive notifications to this specific target audience, very quickly.”

- Graham Blackburn, Contact Centre Manager, Anglian Water

Staying in touch with your customers is crucial in today's world given the spread of both traditional mobile phones and modern smartphones. Keeping them informed about your business processes helps form trust and strengthen your customer relationships.

Aspect's Proactive Engagement Suite can power all of your reminder and notification communications to bond with your customer, whether it's about reminding them about something they already know - like an upcoming appointment or notifying them about something they need to know - like a status update of an outstanding order.

You can use Remind and Notify for:

  • IVR, SMS, or email
  • Emergency notifications
  • Service outage notifications
  • Account suspension, cancellation notices
  • Appointment/delivery/prescription reminders
  • Corporate announcements, product updates
  • Order/account status updates
  • Changes in itinerary, transport delays, ticket availability, etc.

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