Debt Collection

"One guy called me every day last week. I said, 'Look, every month I put everyone I owe into a hat, I pick three names, I pay those people. And if you call me one more time I'm taking you out of the hat.' They all want to be in the hat."

—Margaret Smith, Comedian 

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Improve collection outcomes with Aspect® Collect.

Enterprises expect to be paid by their customers. Because of the increasing number of ‘slow’ and ‘no pay’ customers, debt collection has become a critical issue for today’s global businesses. After all, without ensuring that money owed can be collected, enterprises have a tough time not only staying in business but also borrowing money to expand and take advantage of new opportunities. In today’s uncertain times, proactive automation of debt collection is critical to ensure long-term financial stability and growth.

Designed to increase payment rates and improve business efficiency by automating the connection between enterprises and debtors, Aspect Collect provides a simple to use, cloud-based collections solution built on an effective omni-channel communication platform. By blending inbound and outbound channels (including voice, SMS and email) with contact center functionality, you maximize, two-way, multichannel contact opportunities. The result is a cost effective SaaS solution that is easy to deploy and delivers more right party contacts and ultimately, more automated payments at a lower cost to your organization.

Aspect Collect brings all the people, processes and customer touch points together, improving collection outcomes by:

  • Optimizing customized campaigns across multiple communication channels including SMS, voice and email.
  • Capturing customer responses (such as ‘Help’ or ‘Agent’) via bidirectional SMS and interactive email, automatically initiating a conversation with a live agent to ensure successful payment and a better customer experience.
  • Ensuring that your organization is reaching the right individual at the right time.
  • Connecting agents and customers automatically after a hang up call – using an alternate calling identity and connecting directly to an agent – creating a higher probability of a successful interaction and payment.
  • Automating the handling of the call when reaching voice mail.
  • Responding efficiently to what is otherwise a lost contact; fully exploiting the opportunity knowing the customer is available and able to respond.
  • Providing automatic inbound and outbound debit and credit card payments through SMS, voice, web or smartphone creating greater customer convenience and satisfaction along with greater contributions to your bottom line through a PCI-compliant payment gateway.
  • Using flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture to scale operations up and down as business needs warrant.
  • Establishing deployable business rules for next best actions (around such events as right party hang-up).
  • Making interactions with customers even more engaging with professionally recorded voice scripts, leading to more positive and profitable exchanges.

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