Proactive Engagement Suite

“It’s a simple tool that enables us to keep customers informed, enabling us to proactively contact them rather than having to wait for them to contact us....It’s a cost effective tool which enables us to do more positive communications with customers at reduced costs through channel of choice for our customers”

- Simon Mullan, Senior Credit Manager, Severn Trent Water

Introducing Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite. The customer landscape is changing.    Watch the Video

Encouraged to engage. Consumers feel more empowered, valued and disposed to doing business if companies proactively encourage engagement. That means communications are not limited to one-way notifications with no opportunity for consumers to respond – or choose their preferred channel of communication. If a bill is past due, why not provide the chance right there and then for (secure, authenticated) payment? That’s a lot more convenient for the consumer – and profitable for your business. Customer outreach must advance desired business outcomes – or why do it? Whether it is reducing the number of incoming inquiries (don’t keep customers in the dark during a power outage), promoting repeat business (refill anyone?) or collecting payments (the check was not in the mail) and feedback (love being able to seamlessly conduct transactions across channels), organizations want to maximize productivity, customer satisfaction and contributions to the bottom line.

Using Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite, businesses can benefit from two pre-configured but customizable applications, Aspect Collect and Aspect Survey, as well as Aspect Verify, a suite of technologies tailored to proactively identify, prevent, and notify businesses and customers about potential fraudulent transactions. At the core of the Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite lies the Qore Application Environment: a PaaS offering that allows quick customization of the pre-configured apps and the creation of custom-made outbound applications from scratch such as proactive reminders and notifications. Using the Qore Application Environment, enterprises can launch new outbound campaigns quickly and cost-efficiently.

Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite components


Automated, Interactive Communications

Automation eliminates the drudgery and potential for error inherent in business processes, driving greater efficiencies. Truly interactive exchanges improve resolution rates and customer satisfaction – as does providing a unified, omni-channel approach to communications. Permit customers to receive a proactive notification on one channel and respond on another, even seamlessly transferring to a live agent if desired.

Support for your Business

Enhance existing operational processes around customer outreach by integrating with key business systems to create a seamless, unified customer engagement experience. Ensure compliant outreach and benefit from baked-in best practices around effective campaign management, collections, customer feedback measurement and fraud prevention. The PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment gateway allows for the automated processing of payment with any merchant, via any communication channel.

Accustomed to Customization

Meet your unique business needs by virtue of the highly customizable, omni-channel nature of our solutions. The choice is yours (or, more accurately, your customers’) as far as best channel for outreach and response given the purpose at hand (appointment or refill reminders, past-due notices, survey feedback, etc.). Institute business rules for next best actions around such events as right-party hang-up’s or poor customer satisfaction ratings including routing to agents for follow-up as needed. Design reports and dashboards according to your operational and strategic imperatives.

Speedy, Cost-Conscious Deployment

All you really need to get started is an Internet browser – our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model removes the hassle of installing any software and eliminates large up-front capital expenditures. The transactional pricing model further drives cost efficiencies for your business.

All of the Proactive Engagement Suite offerings benefit from the underlying platform, the Qore Application Environment, built with flexibility and ease of enterprise integration in mind.


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