Superior Dialing and Advanced Pacing Options

Predictive dialing is one of the industry's most widely used auto dialing pacing options. Aspect offers the most comprehensive set of predictive dialing capabilities available.

Predictive dialing enables contact centers to create and administer outbound campaigns and services for collections and proactive customer contact, as well as send automated messaging and scheduled recalls. Enterprises can provide improved customer contact via automated dialing based on business rules and maximized agent productivity through call progress detection.



Use Predictive Dialing to Support Multichannel Campaigns

Available as either an on-premises or cloud-based software solution, Aspect's Outbound Voice contact center applications are used by some of the industry's largest enterprises to efficiently manage high-volume, high-touch automated multichannel campaigns through voice, email or SMS, that get critical information to the right people, at the right time, with the right channel. Predictive dialer functionality makes it possible for businesses to:

  • Detect busy signals, fax machines, voicemail and no-answers with configurable reattempt and escalation rules
  • Create, modify, stop or start campaigns dynamically, through a single point of administration
  • Adjust campaign pacing for improved agent productivity, compliance with abandonment rate laws and effective use of your telephony resources
  • Easily manage Do Not Call (DNC) lists, time zones, number portability, attempts and state and local calling rules
  • Track and manage mobile numbers and consent
  • Provide personalized, proactive outreach via voice, email and SMS

Business Rule Flexibility to Improve Contact Rates

Aspect's outbound predictive dialer software gives your contact center complete control over the number of outbound records dialed at a time, with a full range of predictive dialer pacing controls. Algorithms predict when an agent will become available to receive the next call, and the system dials based on a set of assumptions and criteria, such as the number of agents logged into the service, agent idle time and customer abort rate.

  • Target Abandoned Percentage Selection: The target abandoned rate for the campaign, provisioned by the contact center manager. In predictive mode, the system will adjust the number of calls dialed to adhere to the target abandoned rate setting. This controls agent idle time to gain efficiency
  • Predictive Dampening Factor: The value used to dampen (or distribute) the number of calls placed over a few seconds. The Dampening Factor allows the system to quickly adjust to sudden changes, such as tables suddenly being started, a large number of agents logging out, a spike in the hit rate and other changes
  • Predictive Transient Calls: Indicates the number of hits (connects) that the system allows before the standard pacing algorithm takes effect
  • Predictive Expected Hit Rate: The hit rate value the system should use during the initial period. After a certain number of hits, specified by the value for Predictive Transient Calls, the standard pacing algorithm and hit rate calculation apply
  • Predictive Abandon Tolerance: Defines the abandoned rate that the system will tolerate during the initial period. This value works in conjunction with the setting for target Abandoned Percentage
  • Predictive Slowdown Factor: Determines how slow the algorithm will become when the actual abandon rate exceeds the desired abandon rate. When the abandon rate increases, the dialing must be slowed down to reduce the chances of further abandons. This slows down the rate at which the abandon rate decreases. The Predictive Slowdown Factor allows the user to balance these two quantities


What is a Predictive Dialer/Predictive Dialing?

Predictive dialers allow call centers to algorithmically predict when agents will be available and how long it takes for calls to be answered. This process enables agents to get more live connections, significantly increasing their productivity. When a machine is reached, fax number is dialed, or busy signal detected, the call is terminated before any agent involvement occurs.

Predictive dialers can support multiple concurrent outbound sales and marketing campaigns. Applications for predictive dialing vary widely. Examples include proactive customer outreach programs like prescription renewal notifications, utility outage notifications and fraud detection notifications.

Predictive dialing is subject to regulations that vary around the world. It is important for those using predictive dialing technology to stay up to date on the regulations that apply to their region and industry.