Customer Self-Service on Facebook Messenger

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From Automated Self-Service (Chatbots) to Sophisticated Support from Agents, Deliver Effective Customer Service on Facebook Messenger with Aspect.

Messaging apps have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Six of the top ten smartphone apps used on a regular basis are messaging apps – and preeminent among them is Facebook Messenger. At the start of 2016, Facebook Messenger counted 800 million monthly active users, or over 11% of the world’s population. By mid-year 2016, that number has grown to over 1 billion.

Using Facebook Messenger as a customer service tool can improve brand engagement, service and support levels as well as strengthen the voice of the customer. With the proper opt in, Messenger can even be used to deliver proactive notifications and announcements with the potential for two-way dialogues.

Support on Messenger

Second-Nature Self-Service Interactions

Interacting on Mobile Device

Facebook Messenger is a convenient, familiar and ubiquitous avenue for interacting with customers. There’s no learning curve, since communicating via the app is already part of everyday routine. Using customer support chatbots on Messenger, customers can easily accomplish a variety of tasks as they go about their day:

  • Check order status
  • Make appointments
  • Pay bills
  • Make purchases
  • Take surveys
  • Respond to marketing promotions

Natural Language Understanding and Seamless Service

Aspect Natural Language Understanding (NLU) brings a natural, conversational tone to self-service dialogues on Messenger. This allows us to scale through automation, without getting that robotic feel of “chat bots.”

And if conversations become complex, agents can easily pick up where self-service leaves off. The end result is seamless customer service that always delivers the right answer.

Check out Aspect's NLU Lab for more information.

Interaction on Messenger


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What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is one of many over-the-top (OTT) messaging applications that are utilized by millions every day. These OTT messaging applications provide a platform for text-based conversations that are similar to SMS text messaging, but instead are delivered over a regular internet connection.

Facebook Messenger was separated from the main Facebook social network application when Facebook realized there was tremendous value in providing a messaging application independent of social content sharing. Messenger currently counts over 800 million monthly active users, spread across all demographics.

Many companies have recognized how many of their customers are avid users of the platform and are now using Messenger to connect customers to live agents for customer service. With Aspect’s powerful self-service and natural language understanding technologies, automated self-service can now also be delivered over the Messenger platform.