Advanced Call Center Technology 2018: The Customer Engagement Center

Based on their previous experience with outdated technology, most consumers dread calling in for customer service. Long hold times, connecting to the wrong call center agent and repeating themselves over and over again are just some frustrations they are faced with. Additionally, contact center managers are tasked with optimizing staffing, keeping costs in check and trying to make sense of data collected and create actionable improvements.

Thanks to advancements in call center technology and the introduction of the customer engagement center (CEC), 2018 is turning into a banner year for customers and call centers alike.

What is a Customer Engagement Center? 

According the Gartner IT Glossary, a CEC refers to a logical set of technologies and business applications that are engineered to provide customer service and support, regardless of the interaction (or engagement) channel. The goal of the CEC is not only to provide service to customers as they move among communications channels — including social media and community forums — while retaining the customers’ context, but also to deliver the appropriate business rule to determine the next best action, information or process with which to engage the customers.

Our answer to the CEC is called Aspect Via®

One-of-a-kind platform that covers all the customer service bases while taking full advantage of Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud services and infrastructure. The Aspect Via platform approach eliminates the trouble and costs of maintaining traditional, loosely coupled contact center point solutions for your call center, self-service/IVR and workforce management needs.

The following essential capabilities of a CEC will help to improve the customer experience while streamlining call center operations: 


Customers want to engage using the channel that best suits their need and environment. The CEC allows for seamless and consistent cross-channel interactions regardless of the channel.

IVR Self-Service

Omni-channel self-service offers a personalized and consistent experience across all customer touch points. A CEC makes self-service interactions easier for customers to use by managing preferences and tailor transactions with segmentation data. Customers can switch from one channel to another while maintaining context with uninterrupted conversations with Aspect Via.

Customer Outreach

A CEC increases call center agent productivity by calling customers before they call you. Providing customers with critical information such as payment reminders and outage notifications increases service satisfaction and sales revenue.With Aspect Via, you can give customers critical information through the most effective channel. This supports increases in productivity, service satisfaction, recovered debt and sales revenues.

Customer Service Intelligence

Tailoring the customer experience using interaction and customer data and personal preferences turns routine support interactions into a stronger customer relationship.

Continuous Delivery

Deploying features such as self-service, interaction management and workforce optimization in the cloud reduces the burden of a major upfront capital output while keeping call centers on the cutting edge with the most up-to-date features, automatically.

Contact Center Agent Empowerment

The underlying intuitive technology in a CEC transforms the work environment which in turn empowers call center representatives to provide a better customer experience.

Process and People Optimization

Call center managers are judged on all aspects of monitoring agents in the call center, including call center planning, developing agent skills, rating agents based on metrics and rewarding agents based on performance. Performance management capabilities in a CEC help to optimize contact center operations and engage agents which drives quality interactions by improving service. Aspect Via  has workforce, quality and performance management.  It’s designed to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to your changing contact center needs — resulting in more engaged agents, higher quality customer interactions and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

Contact Center Reporting and Analytics

Whether a customer is using self-service, getting live assistance, or a combination of the two, it’s important to understand their journey. A CEC provides complete customer engagement reporting and analytics giving organizations insight into efficiencies and opportunities to improve service strategies.

Improving the customer AND agent experience is possible with the advanced call center software behind the customer engagement center. Learn more at