Improve Quality and Reduce Costs in the Back Office

For years, workforce optimization tools have been effectively used in the contact center front office. But what about the back office where efficient routing, processing of requests and completion of tasks also has a direct impact on customer satisfaction? Research shows that the back office is ultimately responsible for 60 percent of the customer experience. For many companies therein lies a gap.

Calculate the ROI of Back Office Optimization – in Three Minutes

Like the front office, the back office can significantly benefit from workforce optimization improvements in forecasting, scheduling, tracking, performance monitoring, coaching and analytics. With a few minutes and some basic information, you can easily estimate the back office savings and quality improvements possible with Aspect® Back Office. Give it a try!

Aspect Back Office Capabilities

  • Automated work allocation
  • Insight into case status
  • Backlog tracking at each step
  • The ability to re-allocate work and staff to meet SLAs
  • Sophisticated forecasting and planning tools
  • Skills-based scheduling
  • Monitoring of staff adherence
  • Employee performance tracking
  • KPI scorecards, dashboards and out-of-the-box reports

Aspect is a leader in the delivery of powerful enterprise workforce optimization solutions.  Our workforce optimization,  contact center software, hosting and other services are used by 2,100 companies globally.