Stand Out From The Crowd

The omni-channel era has dawned and telecommunications companies need to provide consistent and effective customer experiences – from sales promotions to problem resolution. Multiple product offerings, increased competition, cost pressures and changing consumer trends mean that this is a tough ask. However, those that can deliver will be the ones that stand out and win and retain customers – and market share.

Today’s customers are increasingly discerning and mobile. They will often use (or would like to use) multiple channels for a single transaction. They may research a service package online, look for recommendations on social media sites then make a purchase via their mobile. They expect proactive communications regarding upgrade eligibility, usage data and service enhancements, not to mention immediate access to billing and account information. And they’re increasingly likely to use social media to share their perceptions and experiences. But customers will still call your contact centre and, when they do, it’ll be important. Their needs are likely to be more complex and their desire for resolution more urgent.

So, you need to provide information, sales and services seamlessly across all of your customers’ preferred communication channels - online, mobile, phone, SMS, mobile web, smartphone apps, and social networks. And of course, you have to do it all at the best possible cost.

So the question isn’t so much whether to adopt new channels, but how to deploy those channels for maximum benefit for your business, your customers and the employees who serve them. After all, it’s a competitive market and if you don’t deliver, your competitors will.

Tall order? Not with Aspect. We can help you to compete.


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