Deliver Best-In-Class Omni-Channel Sales & Service

Extending sales opportunities beyond the store is a commercial imperative – good for customers and good for you. And efficient and effective omni-channel customer management enhances satisfaction, generates loyalty and encourages spend. It also enhances financial performance, as by employing effective self-service options, you can significantly cut costs by reducing calls to your contact centre.

Aspect’s on-premise and on-demand solutions deliver remarkable customer experience across every conversation and every channel – online, mobile, phone, SMS, mobile web, smartphone apps, and social networks — through a single, elegant software platform. Advanced analytics unlock business intelligence by delivering better data (from all that ‘big’ data) as the platform brings all customer interactions together, in one place. Your customers are recognised irrespective of the channel(s) used and it is easy to transition from one to another, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Our powerful workforce optimisation capability helps deliver right people, right place, right time (whatever the channel) for the right customer and allows you to identify and automate better operational decisions.

Aspect’s unique back office solutions support upstream and downstream processes and make them more efficient, driving efficiency and cost savings. They bring together front and back office processes to achieve higher utilisation rates across all operational resources, and better customer outcomes.

Whatever your need, Aspect can help. Our approach is consultative and designed to deliver rapid and compelling return on investment.

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