Mobile Providers

“Today’s consumers expect you to know them, to understand them, and to deliver what they want, wherever, whenever and however they want it. So, in addition to robust service provision, mobile operators must deliver exceptional customer experiences at each and every point of the customer lifecycle – from information provision right through to on-going support. With Aspect, you can do this - whatever the channel - and at a cost that will pleasantly surprise you”.

From Mobile Provider to Digital Lifestyle Partner

Mobile operators face a tough challenge. A wide range of product offerings, increased competition, ever-more stringent regulation, cost pressures and escalating customer expectations make it difficult to provide consistent and effective customer experiences – from sales promotions right through to problem resolution. But those that do manage to deliver memorable customer experiences will be the ones that win and retain customers – and market share.

Mobile users have high expectations of service coverage and quality, and the things that cost you big money to deliver – such as data allowances and service availability – are quite simply taken for granted. In addition, operators’ service offerings and tariffs are similar – in truth, there’s precious little difference between them – and customers want cheap deals.

Today’s connected customers will often use (or would like to use) multiple channels for a single transaction. They may research a mobile contract online, look for recommendations on social media sites then make a purchase via their mobile. They expect proactive communications regarding upgrade eligibility, data usage and service enhancements, not to mention immediate access to billing and account information. And they’re increasingly likely to use social media to share their perceptions and experiences. Of course, they’ll still call your contact centre if their needs are complex and their desire for resolution more urgent.

It’s for these reasons that the quality of your customer management – across all communications channels - is vitally important as it is the thing that will set you apart. Information, sales and services need to be provided seamlessly across all of your customers’ preferred communication channels - online, mobile, phone, SMS, mobile web, smartphone apps, and social networks. And of course, you have to do it all at the best possible cost.

Benefits to Working with Aspect

  • Deliver omni-channel customer experiences that surpass ever-rising consumer expectations
  • Create win-win relationships with customers and become their digital lifestyle partner of choice
  • Motivate changes in consumer behaviour, drive revenues and lower cost to serve


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