Aspect Coaching

Coaching as an Essential Contact Centre Process

The skills of your employees largely determine the quality of your customer care and overall efficiency of your operation. But in most contact centres, agent coaching is woefully under-attended. It’s an afterthought rather than a key priority. Aspect® Coaching can help ensure that your staff gets the training they need by making the cradle to grave coaching process as simple as possible.

Coaching is one of those key contact centre processes that can only be done easily and effectively with a well integrated suite of components such as are available in the Aspect® Workforce Optimization (WFO) platform. Coaching cuts across performance management, quality monitoring, workforce management and other elements of the Aspect WFO portfolio.

Aspect Coaching gives you workflow capability that spans WFO components and allows you to automatically identify performance issues using a wide variety of performance evaluation sources, verify the problem directly with review of call recordings, recommend a specific coaching action, schedule coaching sessions in Aspect® Workforce Management, track whether coaching has been completed and subsequently re-evaluate agent performance after coaching is completed.

Aspect Coaching allows you to:

  • Integrate many sources of performance to determine that coaching is required
  • Automatically detect poor performance requiring coaching
  • Automatically or manually initiate coaching workflows that ensure all of the steps of the coaching process are completed in proper order
  • Define expected completion timeframe
  • Provide link to coaching action materials
  • Create coaching rule templates
  • Provide description of coaching action
  • Allow supervisor and/or quality team to approve coaching assignments
  • Maintain a history of coaching action details
  • Report on impact of coaching