The world’s most full-featured and dependable enterprise contact centre solution available on-premises.

Aspect Unified IP powers millions of interactions every day and is utilised by more outbound contact centres than any other solution.

Regulation Compliance

A fully-featured outbound solution with all the tools enterprise contact centres need to comply with national, regional, and local regulations.

Achieve More Right-party Contacts

The most efficient outbound solution on the market, giving organisations the operational agility to reach more customers at the right time, on their channel of choice.


Enhanced Outbound Capabilities

As the gold standard for outbound contact management, this Aspect Unified IP release delivers even more outbound capabilities to an already robust set of tools.

Usability Improvements

This release delivers an enhanced user interface that streamlines administrative tasks and helps connect management to real-time information and alerts faster.


A Proven Solution

Aspect Unified IP is trusted by the world's largest organisations to deliver superior customer experiences.

Cost Savings

This release brings additional efficiencies including a new stereo recording capability that saves thousands of dollars per month by eliminating the need to convert mono recordings to stereo for interaction analytics.


Aspect Unified IP is the most advanced on-premises enterprise contact centre solution, helping organisations improve customer engagement and recover more debt, all while reducing costs.

Talk to an Expert

“Aspect Unified IP provides best-in-class functionality and uptime for our entire organisation including collections, customer service, back office, loan origination, and service desk. It is both an effective and efficient solution for our contact centre and customer engagement needs.”

- Michael Montgomery, VP Contact Centre Solutions Exeter Finance