Aspect® Workforce Management

Finding the balance between staffing supply and demand while functioning as efficiently as possible is a dream for most contact centres.

And who knows how to bring customer service dreams to life better than
the World's Leading Contact Center Solution provider?

Aspect's Workforce Management software is powered to simplify the task of ensuring a contact center has the right people available at the right time, across multiple channels, shifts and types of expertise, to achieve its expected service levels.

Aspect Workforce Management software benefits

Forecasting, Scheduling and Intra-day Management
Accurately forecast staffing needs, schedule the right number of employees with appropriate skills and monitor productivity and adherence to schedule of those employees in all customer interaction channels.

Prime Customer Satisfaction
Shorter time on hold for customers, since sufficient agents have been scheduled by WFM Forecasting and Scheduling even during peak periods, and real-time alarms notify supervisors if employees are not adhering to their schedules.

Self-service Tools and Modern Intuitive Graphical Interface agents will love
Employees are happier with a modern and intuitive graphical user interface created specifically for the call center. Agents can find their preferred work-life balance using self-service tools to remotely view and alter their schedules using a smartphone app, simple web interface, touch tone interface or Aspect Mila personal chat bot assistant.

See how Aspect WFM helps achieve higher agent engagement, better quality customer interactions and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

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Why Teletech chose us!

"The Aspect WFM system is a great tool to help us when we need to make changes in the business, adjust schedules, make corrections on a day to day basis... If we were going to battle, I would say Aspect is my weapon of choice"
- Ken Pearson, VP Global
Workforce Management, Teletech

Aspect #1 Global WFM Solution Vendor by Pelorus

Pelorus Associates has produced comprehensive biannual reports on the contact center workforce management market since 2006. Over the past ten years, Aspect has consistently ranked #1 in the Pelorus report and this proved true again in 2016.

Enhance both the customer and the agent experience, and deliver superior experiences that make your customers dreams a reality.

Aspect Software Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Workforce Optimization Industry 2016 Global Company of the Year

The award was presented in recognition of Aspect's deep WFO capabilities, backed by excellent customer support services, and increased adoption of its workforce optimization applications.

To learn more how Aspect Workforce Management can enhance both the customer and the agent experience, and deliver superior experiences that make your customers dreams a reality.

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