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Whether you’re driving business initiatives to improve customer issue resolution, proactively address service needs, boost sales revenues or increase debt collections, differentiating the customer experience with great two-way conversations increases customer value while reducing costs.

Aspect Unified IP helps the world’s leading-brands turn routine interactions into strong customer conversations by bringing people and information together to improve the customer experience

Benefits of Aspect Unified IP led conversations

Aspect Unified IP brings all contact options together, in one place, on one platform, so informed and empowered agents can keep talking, typing and conversing. At the same time, it minimizes customer effort, providing a differentiated superior omni-channel customer experiences.

Delivering remarkable customer experiences
Customer experience has always been a primary driver of business reputation and revenue. What has markedly changed in recent years is the influence of consumer choice on competitive standing. With the Aspect Unified IP interaction management platform, you can do business at the speed of the consumer, consistently minimizing their effort so your company becomes easier to do business with.

Multichannel choice, omni-channel experiences
As the path to service takes ever more varied and twisting turns, organizations must expect the unexpected. Usage of new channels and new devices continues to climb, as does customers' willingness – and inclination – to change channels according to their needs. It is imperative that you provide a consistent and seamless cross channel experience when customers engage, inquire, and request service whenever, wherever, and via whatever channel suits them.

Aspect Unified IP simplifies and flexibly manages omni-channel interactions across voice, email, chat, SMS, IM and social channels. It offers multisession contact handling and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications, ultimately helping companies effectively manage and deliver differentiated customer service in light of consumer demand for expanded choices in communication channels.

Compliant proactive outreach and high-touch customer care
Aspect Unified IP leads the outbound dialer market with contact capabilities that power automated multichannel campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care delivered through voice, email or SMS. A full set of advanced list and campaign optimization compliance capabilities allows you to adhere to regulatory dialing requirements, making it easier for you to comply. This functionality makes it possible to provide critical information to the right people at the right time through the most effective channel, supporting increases in productivity, service satisfaction, recovered debt and sales revenues.

With Aspect Unified IP, let every meaningful conversation lead to delightful customer experience.

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Aspect Software is a leader in the Asia Pacific region for over a decade

Frost & Sullivan has continuously acknowledged Aspect Software as the undisputed leader in the outbound contact center systems market since 2008. The latest was the 2017 Best Practices Award for Asia Pacific Outbound Systems Market Share Leadership.

Learn more about how Aspect Unified IP can help enable dynamic, conversational interactions and create a truly frictionless omni-channel customer experience.

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