Interactive Text Response for SMS Customer Service

ITR Solutions Built using Aspect® CXP Make it Easy to Create Customer Service Dialogues and Chatbots on SMS – As Well As Any Other Text-based Channel – that Integrate with Your IVR, Contact Center and CRM

Interactive text response (ITR) solutions are a natural fit for delivering customer service. Many customers will choose SMS customer service or Twitter customer service over voice – and channels like Facebook Messenger and other over-the-top (OTT) messaging providers are also emerging in popularity. In addition, ITR provides a flexible platform for outbound notifications and reminders, with the power to transform the interaction into a two-way automated conversation, not just a one-way notification. The result are customer service chatbots that integrate easily with your existing contact center, IVR and CRM to deliver modern customer service offerings that customers enjoy using.

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Using SMS Customer Service to Transform Your Outbound Notifications into Two-Way Conversations.

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Text messaging (SMS) is perfect for delivering outbound notifications like order confirmations and appointment reminders to mobile phones. For many customers, the convenient nature and additional privacy of interactions on text channels better fits their busy, multi-tasking lifestyle than a long phone call to an IVR or agent.

With Aspect's interactive text response (ITR) solution for SMS customer service, channels like SMS and Twitter are transformed from one-way notification to two-way conversation, empowering your customers to do much more.

Making Customer Experiences Better with ITR – Example: Completing a Car Rental Transaction

Once a phone number or a Twitter ID has been linked to a customer within your CRM, ITR transaction dialogues can be enabled, ranging from simple to complex. For example, for a car rental application: simply text or Tweet a location, dates and class of car in natural language, and the system will send back availability on that same channel.

As soon as the customer confirms, the reservation is booked. Similar dialogues might be used to order from a pizza or sub shop, renew a prescription, or transfer funds between two accounts.

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What is Interactive Text Response and How it is Used for Customer Service?

Interactive text response (ITR) involves the use of a text-based communications channel – like SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, web chat or an over-the-top (OTT) messaging application – to provide customer service. It could involve a live agent interacting with a customer, but more often, it’s a delivery method for automated customer self-service.

Self-service ITR dialogues can be initiated by a customer inquiry, or by an outbound notification from a company. They may be simple and directed, or may involve the use of natural language understanding (NLU). NLU facilitates open-ended, more natural automated conversations. Some companies refer to their NLU-powered dialogues as “chatbots” that can help customers find information or even place orders (the latter is also sometimes referred to as “conversational commerce”).