Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems

"I am very pleased overall with the innovation and flexibility that the Aspect products bring to my day-to-day management of the system and workforce. With Aspect, we continue to find ways to help improve processes – both voice and non-voice related.”

– Richard Volel, Vice President, Contact Management, Homeward Residential 

Be part of our 40-year tradition of remarkable customer experiences.

More than four decades ago, Aspect created the very first intelligent ACD system to power the inaugural call center flight booking system for Continental Airlines. Today, our customer interaction management solutions continue to build on past innovations, helping you deliver customer experiences that bolster loyalty and improve business outcomes. Our ACD platforms provide sophisticated inbound automatic call distribution routing capabilities for today’s modern contact centers – on premises, hosted, or SaaS cloud – all in a single, elegant platform.

Strategic, whole system automation
Apply automation to the entire inbound customer interaction – from self-service, to contact routing, to agent skill selection, to contact recording and post-inquiry surveys. Our contact center platforms provide system routing to increase efficiency and productivity while engaging customers.

Inbound ACD Routing
Intelligently use Aspect ACD systems to route contacts based on the dialed number (DNIS) or calling party identification (ANI) for calls and available agents, customer profiles, service levels or other user-defined business rules. Our ACD solutions allow you to easily apply inbound automatic call distribution routing for all contact types, including voice, email, chat, IM, social and SMS.

Skills-based ACD Routing
Our ACD platforms simplify administration and increase agent productivity, while providing a consistent, optimal customer experience. You have the flexibility to match the most appropriate agent to each contact. You can also send returning customers to the same agent that who handled the original interaction for customer service continuity.

Dynamic Inbound ACD Routing
Automatically select the most qualified resource to handle customer inquiries by aligning skill requirements and work types with real-time system conditions. Elevate the role of your agents and utilize resources flexibly and effectively by leveraging self-service capabilities and skills-based agent routing with Aspect’s ACD systems. You can also blend resources easily between contact handling in different lines of business or contact types.

Contextual Enterprise ACD Routing
Centralize contact distribution strategies to create a virtual queue across a network of systems and agents – no matter where they are located. With the ability to coordinate skills and work types with real-time system conditions to automatically select the most appropriate resource to handle a customer inquiry you can maintain a consistent customer experience with centralized business rules, accessible from anywhere.

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