Cloud Contact Center Solutions


Businesses are increasingly recognizing the compelling advantages of moving contact center infrastructure to the cloud as they seek competitive advantages in customer satisfaction and retention while still controlling overall costs. The cloud streamlines the process of providing modernized, up-to-date service to customers, personalizing service to meet their preferences and demands, in addition to providing the advantages of cost, reliability and flexibility.


Aspect offers contact center solutions that have been purpose-built to bring you the simplicity and operational advantages of the cloud. Aspect cloud contact center deployment options allow your business to leverage up-to-date solutions without bearing the burden of significant upfront capital or additional IT investments, implement comprehensive cloud-based call center and workforce optimization technologies including inbound, outbound and blended voice interactions, enjoy peace of mind with total redundancy and no single point of failure.

Aspect gives you a complete set of flexible, reliable cloud options for deploying your customer contact solutions.

Interaction Management

Our Aspect® Zipwirecloud contact center solution is a flexible, easy-to-deploy option with inbound, outbound, hybrid and multi-channel capabilities. The Zipwire cloud contact center integrates with our omni-channel self-service and cloud-based workforce management solutions and offers user-friendly agent and supervisor desktops, CRM integration, analytics and many more features with all-in-one flexible pricing and the reliability of the Aspect Cloud.

Workforce Optimization

Aspect® Hosted allows you to selectively adopt market-leading multi-channel interaction management Aspect Unified IP 7.3 and Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization (including Aspect EQ Back Office, Aspect Schedule Attendant, and Aspect Mentor) solutions essential for driving profitable results. Modernize or add functionality to your contact center and ensure proactive outreach compliance without bearing the burden of significant additional, up-front capital and IT investment.

Proactive Engagement Suite

The Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP) self-service suite extends your cloud contact center solution with robust omni-channel capabilities and ensures a seamless transition between self-service and your live agents.

Deployment Options

Aspect® Workforce Management in the Cloud extends our cloud-based contact center solutions with powerful forecasting, scheduling and tracking tools.

Developer Tools

Aspect® Performance Management in the Cloud extends our cloud-based contact center solutions with the power to discover employee and contact center operational challenges and achievements.


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What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is software as a service (SaaS) that is deployed, stored and specifically architected for the cloud as defining characteristics. As multi-tenant software, It is able to be quickly deployed and is always up-to-date with new updates automatically applied out by the vendor.

Cloud contact centers are flexible: able to quickly adapt to changing business needs, scalable to more easily support bursts in traffic for seasonality and integrate with third party applications through open API frameworks.


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