Workforce Management Software

Our agents were really delighted with the new user interface; it’s so much easier for them to understand what they need to do and how to do it.

– Louise Andrew, Manager, Workforce Planning, FRHI Hotels & Resorts

The right people, in the right places.

Make sure there's always somebody available to help your customers without burning through budgets by having more staff on hand than you really need or juggling schedules at the last minute just because someone calls in sick. Avoid surprise service level pitfalls by reacting quickly to changing demands across a single or multiple channels.

Aspect Workforce Management gives you a way to accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound, blended and back office resources. Making the right decisions means taking into account skill levels, scheduling constraints, regulatory labor restrictions, demand and service level objectives.

Aspect gives your agents a modern, intuitive, graphical user interface with the same look and feel as other Aspect workforce planning software solutions, which significantly improves agent productivity and optimizes the benefits of a unified WFO solution. The Aspect platform also lets agents control their own scheduling needs with a browser-based self-service interface that includes simple schedule trades, sequential shift bids and a schedule trades bulletin board.

With real-time views into agent adherence and other important KPIs, Aspect Workforce Management ensures that you are truly achieving the highest possible contact center performance at the lowest possible cost. It can be deployed on premise, hosted or in the cloud and enables you to:

  • Perform essential forecasting, scheduling and tracking with great accuracy
  • Ensure the highest workforce productivity with a modern, intuitive icon and widget-based user interface
  • Apply front office best practices to the back office and blend back office labor with front office labor
  • Experiment with unlimited "what-if" scenarios to see the impact on staff, budget or demand variations
  • Review multiple scenarios and create schedules that meet your needs and resource limitations, before making the best schedule official
  • Automate scheduling to simplify workforce management across multiple sites and outsourced locations
  • Get a single view of all employee data such as group assignment, schedule preference, skills and seat reservations
  • Track historical performance, real-time performance and schedule adherence with pre-configured reports and dashboards
  • Receive alerts when performance falls below prescribed thresholds
  • React to changing conditions or augment capabilities by adjusting intraday scheduling in real-time
  • Support trading of schedules with an easy-to-use Schedule Trades Bulletin Board, simplified Schedule Trades Module and Sequential Shift-Bidds Module. Allow employees to select the options that work for them using the browser-based self-service interface.
  • Enjoy full integration with Aspect Unified IP
  • Identify staffing requirements and optimal skill combinations based on agent skill and contact routing needs
  • Create sophisticated business rules to assist you in conforming to labor regulations and in ensuring that service level standards are met
  • Model multiple simultaneous chat sessions to understand trade-off between service level and staffing level

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