Aspect EQ™ Quality Monitoring & Management Software

Ensure the highest quality interactions with Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring

There are two people at the heart of every customer interaction: the customer and the agent. Directly engaging both in the quality management process can help you to identify broken processes before they become critical business issues. Your agents can participate in the quality process by flagging interactions to be recorded and reviewed by their supervisor. Agents can also be given the opportunity for self-evaluation by initiating evaluation sessions where both the agent and supervisor evaluate the same interaction and compare their scores online with the system’s calibration interface. You can involve your customers in the quality process using the software’s integrated customer surveys to obtain feedback on their interactions and attaching this feedback directly to the interaction so that specific performance improvements to be quickly addressed.

With Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring, you can:

  • Remove the technology barrier and dramatically shorten agent learning curve with modern, intuitive, browser-based user interface
  • Combine quality data with performance data for a comprehensive view of agent balanced scorecard
  • Initiate automated coaching workflows based on quality scoring
  • Monitor interactions in real time to spot and correct appropriate compliance issues or empathy shortfalls
  • Turn voice recordings into highly effective coaching modules
  • Choose from multiple pre-configured evaluation forms, or create your own quickly and easily
  • Easily calibrate quality measurement to ensure frequent, consistent assessment
  • Survey best practices such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CE (Customer Effort) and assess how customers perceive agents, the organisation and products
  • Improve agent performance and quality with real-time speech analytics screen pops 

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