Aspect EQ™ Performance Management

 “Performance management broadens the focus of the contact center from strictly departmental goals to an enterprise-oriented set of objectives…and that’s really what it’s all about in the contact center.”

– The Real-Time Contact Center by Donna Fluss

Help your people be their best.

Be sure that agent activities are aligned with your key contact center objectives such as outstanding customer experience, low operating cost and strict compliance. With performance management solutions from Aspect you can view and understand employee achievement from many different perspectives and then take immediate action to get agents on the proper track. You'll have the ability to consolidate contact center data from your interaction management environment (ACD), workforce management, quality management, back office optimization systems, speech and text analytics engines – or any other source to create a comprehensive balanced scorecard.

Using flexible reporting and analysis tools, you gain valuable insights on individual agents as well as across the entire contact center team. Aspect performance management solutions put these insights into context with pre-configured KPI dashboards, purpose-built so your contact center operates using across-the-board best practices. Drill into your performance results using interactive reports that surface what's influencing the outcomes relevant to your business – then put these insights into action whether it be instituting appropriate agent training, new business processes or refreshed operating strategies. Aspect helps you keep on top of your game with cloud-ready world-class performance management solutions that ensure your contact center is achieving its key objectives.  Aspect performance management solutions come in two versions:

Aspect EQ Performance Management Basic

  • Give your agents a significant productivity boost with an intuitive, widget-based, graphical user interface that surfaces the most important agent performance data
  • View agent performance, both current and historical, as measured by many different metrics or combinations of metrics and create views of data that can be stored as dashboard widgets
  • Aggregate performance data from many sources e.g., quality management, customer satisfaction and finance
  • Automatically initiate coaching without supervisor intervention using performance thresholds or allow supervisor to manually initiate coaching for individuals or entire teams
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Aspect EQ Workforce Management and Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring
  • Use pre-defined KPIs to measure the most commonly requested contact center metrics
  • Simplify the creation of new KPIs with an easy-to-use administrative interface
  • Create coaching workflows for more complex coaching

Aspect EQ Performance Management Enterprise

  • Integrate with third party WFM solutions
  • Use modern, intuitive icon and widget-based user interface
  • Deliver performance management on-premises, hosted, or in the true cloud
  • Do “slice & dice” reporting
  • Use role-based reports to ensure that every stakeholder has visibility into the metrics that are relevant to their role, in a context that drives the right decision at the right time
  • Get pre-configured reports and KPI dashboards that surface best practices and opportunities for improvement
  • Explore the linkage between contact center performance and organizational objectives
  • Understand the drivers behind first-contact resolution, customer churn, sales, agent performance, back office performance and more
  • Evaluate results by employee, team and location across multiple-dimensions to inform better strategic and operational decisions
  • Integrate automated coaching to take advantage of the wealth of data you've captured and achieve specific, measurable outcomes
  • Automatically track coaching results for the supervisor and the employee to ensure that the best coaching actions are being used
  • Turn data into automated decisions using a powerful, multi-step workflow engine with customizable forms and scripts
  • Use powerful alerting and notification so that managers can address issues before they impact the bottom line
  • Experience tight integration with SQL Server Reporting 

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