Data Analytics Software

“Multichannel support in most enterprises today is implemented in individual silos, so the agent is confronted with different tools to manage a customer contact. Because these tools are tied to different back-end systems, the business process rules can end up being inconsistent, further impairing the agent’s ability to provide consistent service.”

– Forrester, “The Next-Generation Contact Center”

Gain insight from every desktop with data analytics software.

Knowing which applications your agents are using, and how they're using them, can tell you a lot about how well customer service is being delivered. With the Aspect® Unified IP® desktop analytics, you can view utilization data from every desktop and get an in-depth view into how your people are meeting customer objectives. With information automatically synthesized into Performance Management, your data analytics software can visualize how processes are being executed at an employee, team, or department level; a location; or the enterprise as a whole to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

  • Capture and store which applications are used when, in what sequence, and for how long
  • Capture and store agent idle time to monitor adherence and productivity
  • Store usage details across web-based or desktop applications in virtually any operating environment
  • Enforce process rules and minimize duplication of data entry to streamline your process while preserving your operating environment
  • Measure processes that are performed with little oversight to better guide employees' compliance with appropriate guidelines
  • Use process data and desktop analytics to understand and address agent variability and deviation from trained/standard processes

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