Workforce Planning with Aspect

“A user interface that incorporates proven design principles reduces on-boarding costs and contributes to greater agent and customer satisfaction.”

– Dick Bucci, Principal, Pelorus Associates

Workforce Planning with Aspect

To make customers truly happy, you need to maximize agent engagement. That means being able to fully understand customer needs and continually tailoring your service experience to fit – today and tomorrow. Whether they contact you by phone, email, text or social, customers should quickly reach an agent who has the skills to provide meaningful help. Aspect® Workforce Optimization ensures you’ll have the right number of agents, with the right training, in the right places, at the right times for the best customer experience at the lowest cost. With an intuitive graphical user interface, Aspect® Workforce Optimization offers a cloud-ready suite of best-in-class products to efficiently guide your workforce planning, scheduling, management, recording, surveying, coaching, eLearning and analytics. Workforce Optimization also provides a way for your people to self-manage their schedules – creating happier employees and preventing your service from tapering off when someone needs to take time off.


Workforce Planning and Forecasting

Great customer conversations start by having agents ready and available – when and where customers need them. Aspect’s workforce planning tools can help you:

  • Accurately forecast staffing needs based on current demand, potential demand and staff characteristics
  • Design complex schedules that ensure omni-channel service across all resource teams, departments and geographies
  • Provide managers in-depth, real-time views and control over workforce planning schedules to avoid overstaffing or understaffing
  • Blend back office and front office labor for higher utilization and service levels
  • Test trial schedules before making the best schedule official

Continuous Performance Improvement

You only want the best people talking with your customers. By utilizing performance management, you can recognize your star players while providing insights into areas for improvement that can elevate the rest of the team:

  • Create cohesive, comprehensive views of employee performance based on real-time data from ACD, workforce management, quality management and other systems
  • See performance trends across dimensions, over time, or as they occur, with reports tailored to each type of user from employee to the executive
  • Allow supervisors to understand the root cause of performance issues across employees, teams, departments and time
  • Use pre-defined KPIs or easily create your own without IT intervention
  • Automate and track coaching based on KPI thresholds or achievement

Customer Experience Analytics

Get a good read on the dynamics of customer interactions, understand the reasons behind customer outcomes and identify the skills or approaches your people can employ and adjust to make a positive impact. The Aspect Workforce Optimization platform easily lets you:

  • Obtain a detailed view of customer expectations and agent performance with speech, text or desktop analytics
  • Extract deep, meaningful business intelligence directly from all recorded voice, text and desktop interactions for actionable insights
  • Capture 100% of customer/agent speech and text interactions giving each agent a complete customer communication history for faster and more effective customer service
  • Capture agent behavior and procedural compliance – including application usage, idle time and more
  • Use real-time speech analytics to monitor customer conversations and provide desktop guidance and supervisor alerts
  • Use agent interaction data to create immediate and relevant coaching opportunities
  • Put customer and agent metrics into context by synthesizing with CRM data, agent performance and agent workforce planning and analytics
  • Create a holistic view of what’s driving your customer experience results, so that you can make smarter operational and strategic decisions

Advanced Quality Analysis

Don’t wait to see a post on Twitter about how your customer requests are – or aren’t – being met. With Aspect’s Workforce Optimization platform, you can take a deep view into the activities at your call center:

  • Capture 100% of interactions with full-time, encrypted voice and screen recording
  • Extract valuable insights after the call and provide immediate coaching for agents by turning the recording into a training module
  • Get a comprehensive view of agent quality from the perspectives of customer, supervisor and agent
  • Evaluate and calibrate agent quality with easy-to-use scoring calibration system
  • Create and administer web-based post-interaction surveys that capture customer attitude and satisfaction as an integrated part of the history
  • Use powerful analytics capabilities to automatically categorize calls based on content, metadata, agent performance and customer attitudes or behaviors

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