Social Customer Care with Social Media Software

“Social networks are quickly becoming as vital a channel for communication between companies and their customers as e-mail, SMS or any other customer service channel, so the contact center is the natural location to manage these interactions.”

“With Aspect Social, Aspect provides us with a single tool that seamlessly integrates into our existing contact center service operations to allow efficient monitoring of, and response to, the social conversations of our clients’ customers.” 

– Fran Muiños, Social Media Manager at STD-Multiopción

Create social conversations that grow customer value.

Make sure every social interaction delivers on your customer promise and fosters long-lasting loyalty. Aspect Unified IP’s social media software gives you the ability to take disciplined, constructive social actions based on best practices. With powerful workflow capabilities tuned to the needs of the contact center, you’ll ensure that customers receive consistent, informed responses to questions posed in the social space. Aspect Unified IP’s social media software maintains the context of the social conversation to ensure that the agent can have a real dialogue with the customer. You’ll also have the ability to push content into social and measure the effectiveness of the shared information with Aspect’s social software.

  • Use intelligent social media software filtering to spot the posts that matter most, like direct requests for help
  • Generate a view for every social engagement and display a complete, threaded conversation
  • Provide links to resources that will help the agent deliver better service
  • Update agent queues in real-time to eliminate the possibility of duplicate responses
  • Ensure that customer requests made as comments to social posts are routed to the agent who wrote the original post
  • Use advanced workflow capabilities to allow agents to split, de-duplicate, merge, escalate, re-assign or release a conversation
  • Schedule and track proactive postings as part of your overall social engagement strategy
  • Establish KPIs for social care outcomes such as handle times, customer satisfaction and backlog
  • Use social software to automatically score each post and see results in a dashboard that quickly identifies performance against social KPIs
  • View specific teams, topics or time periods to better understand performance trends

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