Channel Partner Program

The Aspect Channel Partner Program enlists the expertise of value-added resellers, managed service providers, cloud vendors, systems integrators and consulting firms to better serve our global customer base and increase Aspect’s market reach. This multi-faceted program offers you the opportunity to grow your business by combining your marketplace knowledge and experience with the recognized strength of our brand and technologies.

How the Program Works

We offer three key levels of participation designed to best meet your strategic and operational business goals:

Value-Added Reseller

Be totally self-sufficient and manage the entire sales process, including sub-licensing Aspect software and reselling Aspect hardware. You’ll also perform direct services related to our products, like project management, implementation and support.  Value-Added Resellers have the additional opportunity to become an Aspect Training Partner, with access to the Aspect library of training materials, or an Aspect Service Provider to whom Aspect may subcontract support and services.

Hosting Partner

Value-Added Resellers can optionally participate as Hosting Partners.   Aspect licenses the software under a subscription and flex license model, allowing you to offer corresponding hosted services to your customers.


Manage the entire product sales process, including sub-licensing Aspect software and reselling Aspect hardware and Aspect training. Subcontract to Aspect for project management, implementation and maintenance support.

Referral Partner

Provide Aspect with qualified business leads and receive a referral fee based on the sales engagement plan. Leads are closed by Aspect and become our direct customers.

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